Common Features of Electric Blankets

Whether you want to ward off the cold at night or to soothe an aching limb or muscle, the decision to own an electric blanket is unstoppable. However, it is advisable to approach the market with some prior knowledge of what you’re about to buy. Knowing the features of electric blankets is one of the key steps you can take to understand the product. You can find more information about the features of electric blankets at Warm Electric.

For easy comparison of products, manufacturers usually provide several different features for every blanket they make. There are features common to every electric blanket and an additional set of features, which can eventually affect the price of the product. For that reason, you need to know the features you require before you buy an electric blanket. The following are some of the common features that you would want to consider.

Safety qualities

While you would love to have a comfortable sleep at night, you should be sure of your safety as well. Against that backdrop, it is advisable to check the specifics of your preferred blanket to ensure that it has the safety-related properties. A standard electric blanket should be UL certified. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, a globally recognized organization that tests electric blankets for safety. For approved blankets, you can be able to see the certification on the blanket’s voltage.

Blankets with low voltage rating are preferred because they minimize the danger of electric shock. When you shop for an electric blanket, it is advisable to choose one with a 120-volt rating or less. Besides, the blanket should come with a shutoff feature that allows you to switch off the power when the heat exceeds a certain level of temperature. Regarding this feature, you should opt for an automatic shutoff, which can turn off the power even when you are asleep.

Usability qualities of electric blankets

These add-ons allow you to use an electric blanket in different settings. For example, if you are going to use your blanket in the dark, the blanket could come with raised controls to enable you to adjust the blanket even in darkness. Some blankets also come with LCD screens or light indicators, which could help you make changes as necessary where there is little or no light. If you have a painful hand, you require a blanket with larger control knobs or push buttons for easy operation.

Comfort features

Electric blankets come with various features meant for comfort. For example, heat controls enable you to adjust the level of heat throughout the night according to your preference. Some products may also have added insulation, especially under the blanket. Besides, you should also check the material of which the blanket is made such as cotton, polyester, or fleece.