Different Types Of Circular Saw Blades With Their Exclusive Cutting Applications

Saw blades are one of the most common tools widely used in different wood cutting applications. Since market is booming with different types, models as well as makers of saw blades, therefore finding the right one would be difficult for you. But don’t worry, you can check my source at for complete and comprehensive information about saw blades.

If you are looking for the best saw blade then firstly you need to know about the type of material you are working along with what cut type you need. Usually, circular saw blades are made of specific material like plywood, aluminum, laminate, wood etc. The suggested uses of saw blades are generally written on the saw blade for trouble-free classification. Specialized saw blades offer the best outcomes as compared to all-purpose blades. Few saw blade types along with their uses are listed below.

Dado cutting blades

This type of circular blades are usually used for cutting groves and dadoes and classified into two kinds, one is adjustable dado blade and the other is stack dado blade. Adjustable dado blades are quicker and easier than stack dado blade. On the other hand, stack dado blades offer clean as well as precise cut.

Rip Blades

This is one of the most common types of circular saw blades that is widely used in several cutting applications. Rip blade can be used to cut wood in pieces with the grain. Though, rip blade cuts are not smoother, but offer faster cut than any other circular saw blade.

Finishing blades

As its name says, this type of blade is generally used for offering final touch to any wood related work. If you need a smooth cut with extra finishing then you can definitely purchase a finishing blade. Most of the finishing blades out there come with least 40 TPI so that they will give a smooth cut without leaving a cut sign. Usually, finishing blades are used to cut materials such as wall paneling and plywood.

Additional types of circular saw blades

In addition to above mentioned circular saw blades, there are several others available such as dry-diamond, acrylic saw blades, aluminum saw blades, carbide saw blade, abrasive wheel, nail-cutting, metal-cutting etc. The best part of all these mentioned circular saw blades is that they can be fit with any wood cutting device. However, there are few that fit only with particular cutting tool.