Finding your target audience is crucial when it comes to building a community on Instagram. If you are selling products and services, identifying the right audience is one of the components that will contribute to the success of your business. It is important to get more followers, but this may fail to add you any value if you are not targeting the right people. Therefore, to maximize your presence on Instagram, you can use the following ways to build the right following for your brand.

Create Targeted Hashtags

By making use of the hashtags that are common within your industry, you are likely to get the attention of your target audience faster. Each time you include these hashtags in your posts, more people will be able to access your account whenever they search for content that is related to these hashtags. You must ensure that you incorporate your target audiences’ interests and hobbies in your strategy. If you are unable to identify which hashtag to use, you can invest in an Instagram growth tool to target users by username and location. According to, you can use tools such as SocialDrift and many more to come up with a winning growth strategy for your account.

 Create a Compelling Bio

Optimizing your bio is one of the best ways to let people know about yourself and your business. Ensure you have a clear profile picture and use keywords that resonate with your target audience. Add a link to your website, online store or other social media accounts to boost your brand awareness. Keep it short and clear, and leverage the use of relevant keywords.

Host Promotions and Contests

Hosting a contest or promotion on your Instagram account can help you to grow your email list, keep your audience engaged and also get the attention of your target customers. Identify what your target audience love and offer these as giveaway prizes. This is a perfect way to get their attention.

Broaden Your Network

Use other social media platforms to inform potential clients that you are on Instagram. You can also add a ‘follow me on Instagram’ link to your website to ensure that any visitors can quickly access your Instagram profile. This is a great way to narrow down your reach to those people who are interested in your products.

Monitor Competitor Accounts

Check out your competitors’ accounts to see what kind of activity they are engaging in. Analyze the performance of their hashtags and make use of the ones that are likely to attract more people to your account. Go through their followers and engage those who may be interested in what you are selling.

In Closing

Once you are done identifying your target audience, keep posting relevant content and engage your followers to ensure that you build a community that likes what you do and trusts in your brand.