How to Find the Right Martial Arts School for Your Child

There are numerous benefits of practicing martial arts for your kid. Fitness, self-defense, coordination, boosting confidence, and improving focus are just a few examples. If your child is not a fan of competitive sports and has shown an interest in martial arts, do not hesitate to find a good school for him or her. Finding the right school amid the ever-growing number of schools can be tasking. This guide highlights some of the most important considerations you should make as a parent before enrolling your child in a martial arts school.


It’s important to take into account where the school is located and how far it is from your home. You and your kid will be better off if you can find a good school within your area. That way, it’s easier for your child to attend classes on time and it’s also convenient for you as a parent because you don’t have to drive through traffic and other road challenges to take your kid to his classes. During bad weather, for instance, when it’s snowing and dangerous to drive, your child will still attend classes because you can just walk him to school.


Your child will be spending his time in the school under the instructor’s watch. So, first and foremost, see to it that the instructors are qualified. Then, ensure that he or she has the ability to deal with kids. Children require a trainer who is patient, tolerant, compassionate, understanding, and fun to work with. You don’t expect kids to behave like adults and it may take them time to settle and adapt.

On the other hand, look for a school with adequate instructors. The trainer to student ratio should be favorable. Your child cannot learn as required if the school has a shortage of instructors.


Take your time to research about the schools within your vicinity or the school you intend to enroll your child. Most martial arts schools have websites such as where you can find relevant information. Check reviews from other parents and weigh between positive and negative reviews to see if the school suits your child’s needs.

Once you are done with your research, make a list of the schools that appeal the most to you and are conveniently located. You can book appointments and tour the schools in person along with your son to have a first-hand experience of what the school is like. Be observant during your visit to see how clean or organized the school is and whether there are adequate safety measures in place.