Independent Living Versus Assisted Living

Independent Living Versus Assisted Living

Others are often unsure where the elderly will end up if they can no longer stay with their family. People get the image of old people stuck in nursing homes, unable to enjoy their life. However, this perception is mistaken as that is not how reality works. If your family has senior citizens and they no longer wish to stay, then it may be beneficial that you read further below, to inform yourself about both assisted living and independent living services.

Assisted Living: Only for the Truly Dependent

Assisted living does not include all elderly, but is only necessary for those that are physically or cognitively unable to live on their own. Since the majority of seniors develop various chronic health conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or diabetes, it may become unpractical for family members to provide full-time caregiving. Thus, assisted living exists to offer seniors the capability to retain their living space, while also giving the required medical staff that can aid residents in basic routine tasks. Such tasks include reminding them of medication schedule to taking a bath. Thus, assisted living is not merely for the elderly, but for the dependent ones.

Independent Living: For the Active Seniors

Seniors who are still capable of taking themselves but do not want to bother with extra costs of owning a house may opt for independent living. Here, residents are much more active, and often interact with the community of their age. Furthermore, these assist in facilitating active lifestyles, so these communities often organize activities and trips. In fact, you may even envy these people as they have free transportation to attend various events. Overall, independent living systems help capable seniors live a similar lifestyle as the younger people.

Senior Safety

At first, you may find both assisted living and independent living quite similar. Both types of living allow seniors to live in apartments or private rooms. After all, these are safe places with convenient facilities that enable seniors to maneuver around them. However, the differences are noticeable in the kitchen, since assisted living services often do not allow seniors to prepare meals for themselves. In assisted living, the staff will be the one to give out food, unlike in independent living where seniors have the freedom to cook.

Choosing Your Facility

If you or someone you know requires a facility, then choose between assisted and independent living first. For the seniors that can take care of themselves, independent living is the ideal choice if you can afford it. On the other hand, cognitively- and physically-impaired elderly should opt for assisted living. If you are searching for top-quality assisted living services, then check out Assisted Living Placement San Diego County to avoid missing out on the best. 


Assisted living and independent living facilities have varying prices, depending on their location, as well as the services offered. All independent living facilities require private payment, but some assisted living facilities accept Medicaid. Thus, you also need to consider what your budget allows for you.