Should Every Single Mother Take The Decision Of Remarrying Someone?

Separation or divorce is one of the distressing events in everyone’s life. But, in the modern society, the rate of divorce is still increasing. And after divorce, most of the women claim to bring up their own child as that they are usually not reliant on their ex-partners. It seems that the life after divorce would become messy to the single mothers. But, these moms are really strong in mind and courageous as they have taken the decision of taking care of a child. However, one query often appears in their mind- Is it right for a single mother to marry another man once again? It is, in fact, a fine question; so, let’s find out the possible answer.

Parenthood has more priority

It is more significant to become a good mom than to lead a happy married life. You have to try to change your conventional views on marriage. Most of the Americans, with age range from eighteen to twenty nine years, have agreed to the fact that motherhood is always important in a mom’s life.

Other’s identity is not needed-

After separation, many single moms think that it is not essential to describe their identity with the reference of some kind of relationship. So, they do not like to alter their goals, values or visions by thinking of any other partner for the future life. If they remarry, then they may lose all their present identities as they need to accompany their spouse.

Aged women have no reason of remarriage

Many women, with more than forty years old, do not have the energy and desire to remarry. Moreover, they don’t want the need of any more kids by starting marital life. They are pleased with their present children, and like to live with them peacefully.

It is more pleasing to be single

Lots of single moms are happier than the married ones. They do not find any strong reason for marrying a man again. Perhaps, you like to take part in dating; however, you do not need to become the spouse of a guy legally.

Thus, these are probable reasons due to which you may keep away from the decision of remarriage. However, if your situation is different and you want someone’s help throughout your life, then you may think of other suitable plans for your personal purpose.