Various Different Ways You Can Use A Salad Spinner

Accompanying salad in your diet is a very healthy habit. Salad Spinner is one of the best kitchen tools that would help you prepare salad quickly and efficiently. Besides preparing salad, you can use a salad spinner in many ways.

Wash and dry your herbs

This is a very important benefit that can be utilized on a daily basis. It is very important to thoroughly wash and dry herbs before using them. A salad spinner is a right tool that eases this work. Many of the herbs and leafy greens such as lettuce can be easily washed and spin just like that!

Remove excess water from pasta

Sometimes if you accidently put large quantities of water in your pasta and want to remove it then salad spinner is a great tool that can help you. By Spinning Salad, you can easily eliminate the excess of water from your dish and present it in the way you wanted it to be.

Rinse and drain your salad vegetables

Salad spinner comes with an excellent spinning feature that quickly rinses and drain water from your vegetables such as beans. By spinning salad you can be sure of getting every single water droplet out from the vegetables in an effective way.

Wash berries

If you want to wash the berries, the spinner is the tool that makes the work easy. To wash berries, you would only need to have a good quality spinner with a large storage bowl. You need to fill the spinner with right amounts of water and soak berries in it for some time. Now gently lift the strainer so as to remove water from the berries without bruising this delicate fruit!

Eliminating seeds from tomatoes

Some people do not like the taste of seeds in canned tomato and other doesn’t consume it for health reasons. Removing seeds from tomato can be a time-consuming task. Salad Spinner not only makes this task quick but also efficient. All you are required to do is to empty canned tomatoes in the spinner bowl. Now break them using your hands. Spin the machine a couple of times to eliminate all the tiny bitter seeds out of it.

Having a salad spinner offers you a lot than just cooking benefits. In just a few minutes you are ready with a healthy and nutritious meal. When this wonderful tool is there in your kitchen, your food is going to be tasty, rich in fibre and digestive for sure!!