Welcoming a New Born Without Being Prepared

Welcoming a New Born Without Being Prepared

There was a lot of mistakes that I made as a new mother that I regret. One of those mistakes was not being prepared to bring my baby girl into this world. I waited to the last minute because I was extremely picky about everything. I wanted it to be perfect and then rushed at the last minute to get it all together. It’s not very smart for a pregnant lady to stress out right there so close to her due date.

A few months before she was to arrive I made sure that we had enough room in our bedroom to put her crib. She would have a nursery but I would prefer her to sleep near us. My mind was made up on certain things that I knew I wanted to implement when she arrived. I had the nursery painted in both blue and pink because I liked both and we were unsure what we were having initially.

Setting Out to Prepare

I knew what I was looking for in a car seat and I knew the price range I was able to afford, but I had no idea how to figure out which one was actually the best one for my newborn. That’s when I ran across Amelia’s Picks who wrote an awesome article o how to baby proof your home, and after browsing more on their site I found out that other mothers were just as concerned as I was. I eventually found the best car seat without leaving the hospital room. It was really a last minute thing, but I made sure that whichever one I chose was awesome enough to transport my precious cargo.

When we arrived home from the hospital it was time to go into the full swing of getting everything together. I unpacked the boxes of things that we had purchased the weeks leading up to the arrival of our daughter. She had a bassinet, crib, and playpen that needed to be put together. We decided to purchase a stand to hold her diapers and all of the things I would need at the changing stand, being the stand itself was so small.

Her father and I had planned that she would be a late baby, but she proved us wrong. He was just as excited to be a daddy as I was to be a mother. This was definitely one stressful time that I will never forget. She was born with red hair and beautiful hazel eyes but has since grown into an auburn. She has and always will be our red header firecracker.

Her First Month Home

There were many things that taught us we were not prepared for her arrival, one of them was the lack of sleep. Both of us were tired from switching shifts as her changer and feeder. It took roughly two weeks until she would sleep throughout the night, and that was only if we put her in our bed. I knew that this could not continue, but the sleep that night was very good. She still had problems falling asleep and then staying asleep in her crib, but we preferred to keep her used to the crib.

By the time she was three weeks old she had more toys and clothes than we had space to store. She had taken over both my husband and my closet in our bedroom, and even the spare room was filled with nothing but tubs full of toys that she would probably never get a chance to play with. Many of the things that we had to put together weren’t going to be used for a while, such as an exercise.

Some Final Words

At a month old she was finally sleeping in her crib throughout the night and we were both getting more sleep than we had in the past month combined. She was a very quiet baby and only complained or fussed when she was hungry or needed to be changed. She wanted attention regularly and we gave it to her along with making sure that both of us spent an adequate amount of time with her. Our favorite part of being a new parent is watching the smile on her face as she plays peekaboo with daddy or one-two-toes with mommy. Moments like these we will never forget