What you Should Know Before Remodeling your Bathroom

What you Should Know Before Remodeling your Bathroom

It is time to give your bathroom a new look. Even then, it is essential that you make a few considerations before starting your project.  Here’s what should be running through your mind regarding several aspects of your bathroom remodeling.


You should ensure that you use a reasonable pipe size for your drains. Why? Well, the larger your drain, the less the probability that it may clog. So, be sure to use a two-inch pipe to allow smooth flow of gunk and hair down the drain. Other than that, large drain pipes ensure that your supply lines do not get through an exterior wall if you reside in an area when temperatures fall below freezing point.


Of course, you’re better off in a well-lit bathroom. It is, therefore, essential that you consider installing the recessed light fixtures on your bathroom’s ceiling. You may choose to have a dimmer switch to allow you to fiddle with the mood. Other additions include mounting a mirror to help distribute the illumination evenly across your bathroom. Keep in mind that the brighter the lighting in your bathroom, the easier it is for you to see what you are doing up close.

Medicine Cabinets

There is no problem with fitting a medicine cabinet in your bathroom if you have space. In fact, cabinets provide a brilliant way to save a couple of inches of space over your shallow vanity. Besides, the framing required for medicine cabinet isn’t expensive. Note – if you mount a medicine cabinet in your bathroom ensure that it protrudes at least five inches.

The Bottom Line

There are many reasons you’d want to give your bathroom a makeover. It could be that you need to bring in a modern feel and style into your shower room. Or, maybe you want to give your bathroom a rustic feel. No matter the reason to remodel your bathroom, you should make sure that you do it correctly.

Consider hiring an experience bathroom installer to help you fixing everything in the right place. Of course, you want an expert to handle the delicate process that is bathroom remodeling. Think of it as a way of getting exactly what you want with no room for mistakes. On that note, click here to read more about Hydra Bathroom and Tiling, a leading bathroom installation company in Warrington. Be sure to check how they can help give your bathroom the makeover it deserves while you are there.