Women’s Guide: The Importance of Perfumes

Smell is a very powerful sense. For example the way a food smells can either attract or repel someone. The same applies to people! If someone smells very nice, people tend to have the need to approach him/her and the opposite happens when people smell bad. Especially in today’s world that women are expected to be perfect, the perfume they wear plays a very important role in their social interactions. As Coco Chanel said: “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future”. Below follow some brief characteristics of perfumes.

1. Perfumes boost confidence

Women can easily feel unattractive. They may think that they look fat in a particular outfit or that their hair does not look good and that can affect their whole day. One thing that can surely make them feel nice about themselves is the right perfume. Not only they smell the perfume themselves and remember happy memories from the past (according to studies smell is directly related to emotions) but also perfumes help them feel attractive and wanted by the opposite sex. One simple thing can change women’s mood!

2. The right perfume for each woman

Most women have different roles in their everyday life. They go to work, they go out with friends and go out to dates. Although a lot of people believe that in each occasion women should wear a different perfume ( for instance when they are at work their perfume should not be too strong while when they are on a date their perfume should attract their date), it is strongly suggested to have one perfume. The perfume signals each woman’s personality and reveals her character, therefore it should be the same in each occasion. Women should try and find a perfume that reflects their personality and wear it at all times. That is the reason why finding the right perfume can take a lot of time!

3. Perfume is personal

Every person has a different taste and grasps differently the way a perfume smells. Also one perfume can have a different smell in each person due to the smell of someone’s own skin. So when a woman chooses a perfume, it is very important to try it first on her wrist in order to make sure that the smell of the perfume suits her.

After reading all the above, someone can easily get confused and not know how to choose the ideal perfume. Luckily, someone can use these tips from Your Scent is Your Signature. This website offers not only a very useful guide on how to choose the right perfume but also lists the 20 best perfumes for women. For sure a good guide to start with!