How to Automate your Twitter Account Without Tarnishing your Brand’s Image

Despite being a top platform in terms of popularity, managing a twitter account is quite demanding. Your followers expect you to not only post fresh and engaging content but also update such content regularly. This has led to most brands seeking alternative methods to remain active on Twitter without spending much time online.

One of the most commonly used alternatives is automation. Twitter’s automation policy is meant to curb or at least limit the use of automation tools on its platform, but not much success has been achieved yet. Keeping your followers engaged on Twitter is key to a successful online experience, hence the increased use of automation tools. To better understand these tools, visit Spire for detailed reviews and additional information.

This article provides tips on how you can automate your Twitter account without tarnishing your brand’s image.

Human touch

One of the mistakes most people do when automating their accounts is to automate everything. Automating all your engagements on Twitter makes your account look robotic. Therefore, don’t lose the human touch that forms the basis of authentic engagement. People like to feel that interpersonal connection when interacting on social media and that brings forth loyalty and respect from your followers.

As such, you can switch between automation and authentic interactions when you have some free time. If you have scheduled posts, ensure you go online and get involved in conversations by replying to comments or messages.

Know what to post and when to post

Scheduling your tweets is not a bad idea, especially if you have other matters that need your attention. However, the kind of tweets you schedule should be well thought to avoid potential PR disasters. Let such posts be about things that would not be affected by any change of events or unforeseen outcomes. For example, if there is a game to be played the day after tomorrow and you have a strong conviction that your team will win, don’t schedule a post celebrating victory because the tables could turn and it would make you look like a dummy.

On the other hand, avoid scheduling posts that may trigger conversations and you won’t be there to engage your followers or contribute to the discussion. Suppose you have scheduled a post about a new product you intend to launch and how excited you are about the idea. Out of the blues, a potential customer comments on your post asking a specific question about your product or making a suggestion, but you are nowhere to be found.

To make matters worse, your next scheduled post goes up and you have not yet responded to the comments on the previous post. Such an instance would be uncalled for as the customer may think you are ignoring him or her. Unfortunately, on your part, you cannot tell them that you were not online yet your account had been active and posting the whole day.